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Autostore is an automated warehouse system. This system will automatically perform the order picking for you. It works by having robots move on rails across a grid system to deliver the goods to integrated order picking stations. Such an order picking system is fully automated and ensures that products are processed efficiently. If your company has an Autostore system, you will benefit from reduced energy consumption, maintenance costs and required space.

Connecting your ERP or WMS system to your Autostore

Autostore systems are usually supplied with standard warehouse management systems (WMS). These systems then control the Autostore for you. But for companies that already work with tailor-made ERP or WMS systems, providing a standard WMS is certainly not an advantage. In the current era of robotization, in which it is increasingly important to deliver the right goods on time, automated warehouse systems are invaluable.

Codeless specializes in linking these automated warehouse systems with your (tailor-made) ERP or WMS. The system can be supplied with a standard WMS that controls the Autostore for you. This is not always an advantage for companies that have highly customized ERP or WMS systems. The customization of your running WMS must also have the ability to link to the standard system that is included.

Integration of ERP / WMS and Autostore software?

Directly benefit from the following advantages:

  • Seamless integration between the various systems;
  • Processes functioning efficiently and effectively;
  • Being one step ahead of your competition.

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