Copy & Innovate

Modernizing software without risk

Copy & Innovate is the best way to renew your software without risk. Because the old software and the updated software work the same way, the impact on your organization is minimal.

The technology is different, but your processes remain the same. As a result, the knowledge your employees have about the software is retained and applicable.

By reconstructing your current software, there is no risk of failing business processes and thus declining turnover. From this new situation, you can implement changes and start innovating.

Your trusted software, ready for the future


Copy & Innovate – 3 golden rules

Alignment above all else

With Copy & Innovate you know exactly what the end result will be and for what investment

End user in mind

The updated software remains similar to the employees. The same screens, the same data.

Copy & Innovate

Lower costs

Copy & Innovate saves you considerable time and money. You can respond more quickly to changes.

Copy & innovate in 4 steps

1. Align

Scope, costs, and outcome of the reconstruction process are clear.

2. Software reconstruction

Your software will be completely reconstructed, but with the latest technology.

3. Customize

Optimize business processes with customizations you’ve always wanted.

4. Innovate

Plan your digital strategy and take the steps to stay ahead of the competition

The benefits of Copy & Innovate

Copy & Innovate

to understand

The end result is clear to everyone.

Copy & Innovate

Scope is 100% clear

The same elements in both the new and the old software.

Copy & Innovate

The same

Immediately recognizable, so no loss of knowledge.

Copy & Innovate

The same

Simple data conversion for users.

Copy & Innovate

Focus on

Increased efficiency, increased productivity.

Copy & Innovate

is easy

The same input results in the same output.

Copy & Innovate

No training

Users immediately know how the software works.

Copy & Innovate

Risk-free transition

Both software applications can run side by side.