The 5 options for renewing an IT system

Read about the advantages and disadvantages of the different options and how replacement processes for companies with unique business processes can best be tackled. 

You have 5 options

Which of these options is best for you?

  1. Standard software
  2. Custom software
  3. Automatic code conversion
  4. Manual conversion of code
  5. Replicating software

Read everything in the whitepaper.

About the whitepaper

Technologically, the world has changed rapidly. As an IT manager, what options do you have when replacing your current systems?

In this white paper you can read more about the options you have and what you should take into account when replacing IT systems with unique business processes.

About the author

Roland Worms is the inventor of the Copy To Innovate concept and owner of Codeless Technology. He has over 15 years of experience in software development & implementation. He is convinced that software projects for companies with unique business processes have become so complex that an effective and efficient approach is required.