Facility management

Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction with unique planning software


Rating 8.2 / 10

Facility management

Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction with unique planning software

Facility management

Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction with unique planning software

Facility management

Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction with unique planning software


Augias is a cleaning company located in the centre of the Netherlands.

Augias’s mission: “A flawless working environment in which people feel at home and can focus on their core tasks.” To fulfill this mission, strict planning is a requirement.

As Maurits Timmermans, the General Manager at Augias says himself: “We often work with cleaners who work at different locations during the day, and we guarantee 100% occupancy. So if someone drops out, you often immediately have a “problem” with three or four customers. If we are not there, the place is not cleaned. It’s that simple. That is why we must be able to act quickly at all times. In addition, we work with wafer-thin margins, which means that we have to keep overhead costs as low as possible. With our new planning software we are taking a serious leap forward in terms of efficiency. And that is golden!”

The search for truly efficient planning software

Before the arrival of Codeless, Augias worked with a self-developed planning tool, but it had had its day. The planning tool was no longer compatible with today’s technology and no longer supported Augias’ growth ambitions. When there was an error in the system, there was no way to fix it. Errors could still be addressed and rewritten by hand, but could not be prevented in the future. That had to change! The time had come to look at various standard software applications. However, none of these packages offered a suitable solution. The packages that Augias examined did not fit into their vision in terms of operations and processes for their customers and employees. The challenges facing Augias were not resolved.

Maurits Timmermans: “We were looking for a really efficient software package, one with which cleaners could be scheduled in several places per day. Quickly being able to switch and organize employees became a matter of importance, especially taking into account the rapidly changing customer demands and our minimal margins.”

“After the first appointment, Codeless surprised us. At the second appointment, they understood our entire software situation off their own initiative. They told me what our vision is and how they saw our future. That gave me immediate confidence. I knew: this is a company that understands my problems.”

Immediate time savings.

Codeless started construction just as COVID-19 reached the Netherlands. Maurits Timmermans says: “Thanks to COVID-19 we had a dynamic time at Augias. But Codeless showed me that they could relate to my company and the circumstances. They adapted effortlessly, never staring blindly at the fine print and terms and conditions in our agreement. The Codeless employees were flexible, on several fronts. That is one of the qualities I appreciate very much in this organization.”

During the summer, the replicated software actually took shape and Augias started working with the first version of the updated planning tool. Maurits Timmermans: “I immediately saw how this would save time. Last summer we had a good trial. The summer period is a very hectic period for us in which there is a lot of change in connection with holidays. Nevertheless, nothing went wrong. This shows that the data contained in the software package does not contain errors. And that allows me to focus on other things. Just as it should be.”

"With our new planning software we are seeing a serious improvement in terms of efficiency. And that is golden!"

Maurits Timmermans - General Manager Augias Schoonmakers

Personal approach

Maurits Timmermans is also very pleased with the development process of ‘Copy & Innovate‘: “I think it is great that Codeless appoints one person dedicated to a project. They translate our wishes to the programmers within Codeless. And so you can work very efficiently and effectively together! I don’t like it when another party forces me to act in a certain way. Limitations offered by standard software packages, in the sense of “Maybe your suggestion will be included in next year’s run,” I can’t do anything with that. We have a strong and unique DNA, that’s where our strength lies. Codeless sees that, understands it, and translates it into an application that suits us. Moreover, I think the personal approach of Codeless is really a unique buying reason. The director comes by during a meeting, and you really know each other, we ask each other about home life, for example. You’re not just a number. No, we will solve and tackle things together. I like that. Moreover, Codeless ensures that deadlines are met.”


Finally, Maurits Timmermans added: “Because we can now plan better, we have more time to pay attention to our customers. And we can now explore our other possibilities in other branches. This way Augias can keep innovating and growing!”

"And then you can ask yourself: Why not a 10? Well, that 10 will come. We are still developing the system together, in line with our growth ambition. But I have every confidence in a perfect end result."


Rating 8.2 / 10

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