We are Codeless.

Our mission is to help other businesses by building the best software they could wish for.

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Codeless in 1 minute

We have been helping businesses realize their ambitions for 30 years.

Codeless, the creators of Copy To Innovate, helps businesses with unique and distinctive business processes realize their ambitions by solving complex software challenges, often caused by a constantly changing software landscape.

Unique approach

With a team of approximately 80 passionate professionals and with our specialized tools, we are ready to advise and support you with your software challenges. Our approach originated from practice, is completely unique in its outlook, and has been proven over multiple projects.

Our customers are satisfied time and time again and switch to new software without any problems or setbacks.

Why customers choose Codeless

The Codeless DNA

Customer oriented

Customers are sacred to us. We therefore give them the best balance between costs and results.


We always focus on how we can do things smarter, better, and faster.


Theory is good, but only if it helps us get the job done.

Always learning

By continuously learning, we ensure that tomorrow we are even better than today.


We are there when it matters. Anytime, anywhere.

Result driven

We’re going for the best result. Whatever it takes.

Will you be our new colleague?

We are always looking for passionate, no-nonsense professionals.
Interested? View our vacancies and/or contact Benjamin.

Benjamin Wolders

Our corporate recruiter with a lot of humour