Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes! The CEO of Codeless (Roland Worms) developed the Copy To Innovate method more than 10 years ago. He is convinced that software projects for companies with unique business processes have become so complex that a more effective and efficient approach was needed. Experience shows, and the media is full of it, that many software projects unfortunately fail. This is not necessary: ​​Copy To Innovate is the best solution for software renewal projects. In the meantime, several companies are trying to emulate the Copy To Innovate method.

Yes. Because Copy To Innovate projects are only about analyzing the functionalities of existing software, without having to see the source code, there is no copyright infringement. The required and desired applications and functionalities are documented and new software is created on that basis. Copyright remains respected by Codeless. Read this article about Copy To Innovate for more information.

Our software is particularly suitable for companies with unique business processes, regardless of the industry. Many of our customers are active in the wholesale, transport, facility services, and maritime sector. For more information, view our customer cases at

Whether you need ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, planning packages, robot control or product configuration software, our software platform – CodeX – is suitable for building all forms of software applications.

Also for the modernization of you can always contact us for your custom software.

The intellectual property remains in the hands of you, the customer, at all times. The applications modernised by Codeless aim to support you and add value to your operations, but all intellectual property created or used remains entirely under your control and ownership. This principle forms the basis of our business model.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.

The exact duration of your software (re) construction and innovation process depends on your ambition and the size of the existing application. On average, the analysis & amp; quotation phase approx. 6 to 8 weeks.

Copy & Innovate projects take an average of 3 to 6 months, with the subsequent innovation process depending on the ambition and complexity. (Usually between 2 and 4 months).

Codeless works with fixed time and fixed price offers.

This is always difficult to say in advance. But on the basis of a no-obligation introductory meeting in which we inventory and discuss your ambitions, we can draw up a feasibility study for you. This feasibility study contains a fixed price offer with, among other things, a clear project approach, lead times and investment overview.
The project size in recent years is indicative between 45,000 and 325,000 euros.

Yes. Codeless renews, builds, and maintains software that always perfectly matches your unique business processes. So that you have the best software for your company and ambitions. Now, tomorrow and in 30 years.

At Codeless we work with standard support and maintenance agreements that provide for preventive, adaptive, and corrective maintenance. Codeless customers have a dedicated support team available 24/7.

What is the most modern technology today may be outdated by the next month. Codeless takes a unique approach to prevent new legacy software.

Our software platform – CodeX – on which your software is built, always uses the latest and future technologies. This way we prevent your software application from becoming legacy.

Your desired (custom) functionality is configured on the CodeX platform. It is packed with standard features, is flexible and scalable! The result: a software application that perfectly matches your business processes and (growth) ambitions.

We also provide support and maintenance on your application. This means that your software is always up-to-date, both technically and functionally.

Yes. Many customers ask for this, in order to see the applicability of the Codeless platform to their situation and possibilities.

Depending on your ambition and size of the existing (partial) application, we can include a prototype in the offer. For a relatively low investment, you will quickly gain insight into what the future could bring you.

From offices in the Netherlands, Romania and Dubai, Codeless, with more than 100 passionate IT professionals, is ready to advise and support you with software issues and challenges.

We are always looking for new colleagues! Interested? Check out our vacancies!

Customers receive an exclusive right of use (license) for the use of the CodeX software platform from Codeless and the custom solution developed on that basis. This means you have no extra costs per user!

Yes. Codeless has experience with all sizes of business. From SMEs to listed multinationals. See our customer cases for our innovative solutions and successful partnerships.

Codeless’s vision is to always go for sustainable customer relationships and successful collaborations or partnerships. (Never for short-term sales or quick wins.)

Codeless is both Microsoft Gold Partner as ISAE type II certified.

Codeless uses the Microsoft technology stack:

By default, our platform already contains many features. Some examples of these features and integrations can be found here: Platform features

We modernize your software
so you can work in one workable system. so you never have to think about software again. to a scalable and adaptable system. without having to pay a per-user license fee. for all company sizes. From SME to listed. so that it fits 100% with your unique business processes. guaranteed within time and budget.

We modernize your software