Telecom for maritime sector

Replicate & modernize CRM software


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Telecom for maritime sector

Rebuilding & modernizing CRM application

Telecom for maritime sector

Rebuilding & modernizing CRM application

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Unique CRM software for inland shipping and Drechtsteden

4COM is a company that provides fixed and mobile telephony for inland shipping plus the Drechtsteden. Unlike most telecom companies, 4COM adds value by offering independent advice and completely unburdening customers in this regard. Almost every employee of 4COM has worked or lived on a ship himself. Thus they have a much more direct customer connection and understand the specific questions or problems of their customers much better than regular telecom companies. This combined with the company’s region-focused approach ensures adequate level of service! However, post-Corona, 4COM’s CRM system proved somewhat outdated. For example, for working from home, it didn’t really lend itself.

Time for a change

Marco van Utrecht (Owner 4Communications): “About 14 years ago, Codeless set up our first CRM system. Approximately 11 years later, 3 years ago (pre-Corona) we expanded our services to the Drechtsteden; a change that made us want to implement certain improvements in our system. After all, everything has to fit!

When we were just starting to do that, Corona came along. As a result, everything took a little longer. Not a bad thing, because at the time of Corona, Codeless was not standing still, but rather evolving to newer CRM versions. Moreover, at that time we ourselves were making new findings, which we were able to incorporate directly into our new version of the CRM system.

Post-Corona, we immediately realized a migration to their latest version together with Codeless. And once we were sure that everything worked in it, we made the custom-made changes to our requirements.”

Converting self-built CRM

They once started at 4COM with an in-house built CRM system. Marco van Utrecht: “I built this company together with my brother and when we started my brother was the techie. I was more the business controller and had some knowledge of database content. In the beginning we did everything ourselves. But once your company gets bigger, you don’t want to be dependent on one person when it comes to your own ICT.”

And so the telecom company started looking for a party that could convert its own built CRM system. Van Utrecht: “Via another ICT party, we ended up at Codeless, because they were positive about the Dordrecht-based company.”

Once your company gets bigger, you don't want to be dependent on one person when it comes to your own ICT."

Marco van Utrecht - Owner 4Com

1 to 1 transition

In 2009, Codeless converted 4COM’s first CRM system, and recently another modernization move was made together. “The service has in fact been extended to the Drechtsteden, fixed telephony actually. Such a process requires a bold yet cautious approach, because customers should obviously not be inconvenienced by such a digital conversion.

But we had to switch over, because the old system reached End of Life one day. Hence, we first migrated to the latest version of Codeless. This had to be done 1:1 so we could be sure that everything was working again. From there, we took the next step by making some changes to our unique requirements.”

Bill run halved

4hr > 2hr

Increased performance and new capabilities.

Van Utrecht indicates: “Previously we worked with an icon on our desktop, now with a web application. When transferring this, we had to look closely at the performance: will it stay that way? Every month we have to bill several million usage rules to customers; a large volume of data. That has to be processed quickly! By migrating, we were fortunately able to reduce the billrun of 7000 to 8000 monthly invoices from 4 hours to 2 hours! A nice performance improvement.

There are even more advantages: with the web application, for example, it is easier to share a problem with colleagues. Then you just send a link and look at the same thing.
Now you can also access the system online from a distance. That’s also more of today’s time with working from home.”

Short lines of communication

Since 4COM itself – like Codeless – is a technical party, the teams on both sides were brought up to speed so that they could “understand” and support each other as quickly as possible. Van Utrecht: “In the beginning it was quite a search, but once we found each other, if there was something, everything was immediately taken up by the right people during the project. What I also like about Codeless is that they are not afraid to let their technicians communicate directly with their customers. As a client, you can just read and talk along, which allows you to be on top of things briefly with all of them, from both sides.”

Dynamic collaboration

So during the design of the new CRM system, there was room for participation. And exactly that was one of the advantages of working with Codeless for 4COM: “When you work with Codeless, it’s a dynamic collaboration. You can go through the process with each other, so you are developing together. This transparent organization does not work with a fixed application, but builds specifically to customer needs. For me that is a strength!”.

"Codeless promised that we would get a faster system that we could easily use off-site. And we accomplished that."


Rating 8.5 / 10

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