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Better scalability, flexibility & uptime through ACC ICT

Cloud infrastructure

Setting up, managing and future-proofing IT infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure

Setting up, managing and future-proofing IT infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure

Setting up, managing and future-proofing IT infrastructure

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ACC ICT is an IT company that supports software developers in setting up, managing and future-proofing their IT infrastructure. With more than 30 specialists, it helps organizations ensure continuity and optimize the entire software development process in the cloud.

Why a partnership

In recent years, Codeless has grown rapidly and welcomed many new customers. With this, the need for a professional cloud partner also grew. “We were looking for a cloud partner to offer our customers better scalability, flexibility and uptime. Given the increasing importance of digital transformation and the growing number of companies moving to cloud solutions, we were looking for a partner experienced in delivering high-performance cloud infrastructures. Our requirements included proven expertise in cloud deployments, a good reputation in the industry, and a culture of innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Mike Sier – commercial director at Codeless.

From the requirements set, the search was on for a good long-term cloud partner. Ultimately, the choice fell on ACC ICT. Sier motivates why: “ACC ICT has in-depth expertise in cloud solutions and a strong reputation in the market. Their approach to customer service and their proven track record in delivering reliable and innovative solutions matched Codeless’ values and goals.”

Benefits for customers of Codeless

When selecting a cloud partner, Codeless’ customer was explicitly put at the center. The benefits of this partnership lead to faster implementation times of the software and the assurance that the continuity and security of the cloud environment is always in good hands with a party that is fully specialized in it. Sier adds: “In the long term, our customers will benefit from lower total cost of ownership, better scalability and flexibility, and access to the latest innovations that we bring together with ACC ICT.”

“ACC ICT has profound expertise in cloud solutions and a strong reputation in the market.”

MIKE SIER - commercial director at Codeless


From the beginning of the cooperation, a very clear division of roles was chosen in which the end customer is always central.

Paul Bijleveld, managing director of ACC ICT, further explains the division of roles: “Codeless is an expert in developing innovative software solutions and modernizing outdated ones and ACC ICT focuses on managing the underlying cloud infrastructure including security. Together we ensure a smooth integration of software and infrastructure.

Sier adds, “In this collaboration, it is important to us that our customers are at the center. If a customer has a question about the underlying infrastructure, they do not have to go through Codeless, but are immediately in contact with ACC ICT’s specialists. This is how we keep the lines of communication short and clear”.


Both parties like the cooperation and clear division of roles. Bijleveld argues, “The combined expertise leads to a complete end product for the customer. The advantage of this partnership is that both Codeless and ACC ICT have the same goal, namely: to work together to constantly improve the product for the customer. Both parties really put the customer first”.


The partnership between ACC ICT and Codeless has led to accelerated implementation at customer sites. Bijleveld explains: “By focusing as a company on what you are good at, you can continually optimize processes. Both the uniform rollout of the software and managing the entire cloud platform have been standardized, making an implementation much smoother and more predictable than before. We notice that the people of Codeless and ACC ICT know how to find each other easily. That promotes cooperation and leads to an accelerated implementation at clients.”

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“Klanten van Codeless profiteren van lagere total cost of ownership, betere schaalbaarheid en flexibiliteit, en toegang tot de nieuwste innovaties.”

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